11. 10. 2023


As part of the European Week of Regions and Cities #EURegionsWeek held from 9 to 12 October 2023 in Brussels, the final round of the prestigious REGIOSTARS competition of the best projects of the European Union took place.

The REGIOSTARS competition has been organised by DG REGIO since 2008. Over the course of its existence, the competition has become a prestigious symbol of excellence for the best selected EU-funded projects, demonstrating the impact and exclusivity of regional development. The individual EU countries selected the 228 best projects and 30 projects competing in six categories went through to the final round:

  1. A competitive and smart Europe
  2. A green Europe
  3. A connected Europe
  4. A social and inclusive Europe
  5. A Europe closer to the citizens
  6. Topic of the year 2023: European year of skills

Czech projects also advanced to the final round and became finalists in some categories:

  1. Category 1) A competitive and smart Europe
  2. TechTower Technology Park and Junior Centre of Excellence
  3. Category 3) A connected Europe
  4. ANTeTUL from the Technical University of Liberec and Danube Cycle Plans (where the principal investigator was from Austria, but one of the co-investigators in cooperation with other countries was also a Czech partner)
  5. Category 4) A social and inclusive Europe
  6. ProFem 2.0

On 11 October, a presentation in the form of Pecha Kucha for the general public and representatives of companies took place (participation was from international and Czech companies such as STOPA s.r.o.), which was evaluated by an expert jury in a subsequent panel discussion behind closed doors. European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira assessed that "all projects are winners as they were among the last 30 out of thousands of projects". In the panel discussion, the expert jury evaluated, for example, the ANTeTUL project as highly beneficial not only for the Czech Republic but for the whole European Union, agreeing that projects like ANTeTUL must be further supported, while thanking the ANTeTUL researchers for the project's solution and the results achieved.

The winner will be decided on 14 November in Ostrava, Czech Republic. At the same time, the public has the opportunity to vote for their favourite in the People's Choice Award (voting is open until 14 November).