About Us

We are engaged in agriculture, production of Asian vegetables in greenhouse complexes and related activities, such as the disposal of organic waste from agricultural production with the use of alternative and renewable energy sources and energy recovery of waste.

Activities in the field of renewable energy sources developing in a partnership as STOPA–3MAR Energy. Together we authorized partners producer of pyrolysis units PTR1000

Main Products

– energy renewable and alternative sources – Pyrolysis (video), Biogas, Photovoltaics
– general energy and building energy
– film distribution
– offer of rent residential and commercial premises (inqury)
– wood processing and production

Our Establishments



Výpadová 1355
153 00 Praha 16


Kralice nad Oslavou

Na Výhoně 172
675 73 Kralice nad Oslavou
(former Snaha Jihlava)



Šlechtitelů 876/40
779 00 Olomouc
(greenhouse complex — former part Sempra)



Brněnská 1458/31
796 01 Prostějov
(former horticulture Prostějov)


Horní Lhotice

Horní Lhotice 41
675 73 Kralice nad Oslavou
(greenhouse complex Chvojnice)

Our Other Activities

P.S. AGRO-METAL, s.r.o.

Horní Lhotice 41
675 73 Kralice nad Oslavou

IN: 63491184
VAT: CZ63491184

P.S. COLALLTO, s.r.o.

Horní Lhotice
675 73 Kralice nad Oslavou

IN: 63491176
VAT: CZ63491176

P.M. System, s.r.o.

Resslova 1775/1
120 00 Praha 2 — Nové Město

IN: 43000321
VAT: CZ43000321

CSTI s.r.o.

U Obecního dvora 799/7
110 00 Praha 1 — Staré Město

IN: 27385469
VAT: CZ27385469

LF Moving Pictures s.r.o.

Vodičkova 704/36
110 00Praha 1 — Nové Město

IN: 01880322

EPIK CZ, a.s.

Horní Lhotice 41
675 73 Kralice nad Oslavou

IN: 26966239
VAT: CZ26966239

STOPA, s.r.o. — 3MAR Energy


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